Android Web Browsers war on 2015

android-browsersSmartphones are not only communicating devices, as they play a big role in our lives. When you go to work, you listen to music on your smartphone, when you want to know where you want to eat, you search for information on it, when you want to find your current location, you open the GPS feature and find your EXACT location within seconds.

With other words, whether we like it or not, smartphones are part of our lives. On Google Play Store, you can find all kind of applications for your smartphone, whether if you want a weather information application or a fitness application. When it comes to browsers, we usually tend to have only one installed in our smartphones. So, do we have the best web browser installed on our smartphones or there are others better than it?

Here are top best web browsers for your Android device.

Chrome Web Browser

Chrome web browser is compatible with all the Android devices, so it doesn’t matter what Android version you’re using, because it will work on any. The browser can also sync with the bookmarks that you have on your Chrome on your computer. Chrome on Android loads web pages very fast and it also optimizes them for your mobile device.

Dolphin Browser HD

One of the fastest, powerful and elegant browsers that you can find on Google Play Store is the Dolphin Browser HD. You will be able to open any web page that you want and in addition the application also supports add-ons. You will notice that using this browser is very easy and fun.

Opera Mini Web Browser

Opera is one of the most used web browsers out there. Opera Mini was developed in a way that it will not eat a lot of your data plan when browsing. Because the server of this browser compresses all the data, it loads the web pages very fast.

Mercury Browser

This browser was firstly released on iOS, but it is now available for Android devices also. Ever since it was released, more and more Android owners have started using it. It also supports add-ons and you can personalize the web pages, themes and navigate very easy with it.

Mozilla Firefox

This browser is very popular on Windows PC, but now it seems it’s getting quite popular on Android devices also. You will be able to synchronize tabs, history, passwords and bookmarks from your desktop Firefox to the Firefox installed on your Android device.

Maxthon browser

The Maxthon web browser for Android devices is simple, fast, smart and very secure. The browser comes with great features which allow you to chose your own skin and theme, sync it with the cloud. It also features tab browsing, speed dial and many more.

Next Browser

Next Browser comes with plugin support, gesture support and tabbed browsing. You will also be able to save articles which you can read later offline.


The iBrowser will save you a lot of data costs, but at the same time comes with many features. This browser loads the web pages very fast and features speed dials for your favorite webpages. You will be able to watch videos, listen to music and chat with friends.

UC Browser

UC Browser is known as a web browser that can load web sites very fast. This can be done because of its great compression of data. The web browser is also very stable and features download management tools. It is very easy to use UC Browser and the application also comes with a night mode and other powerful browsing options.

Boat Browser Mini

Another easy to use and fast browser is Boat Browser Mini. It is also very easy to use and it comes with an intuitive user interface. This browser has impressed a lot of people by rending and fast loading web pages. It also supports multi tabs and comes with different themes. You can also make shortcut of some web pages that you usually visit by using the multi touch pinch and zoom feature.

Puffin Web Browser

Another fast browser for Android is called Puffin. The browser comes with flash supports and doesn’t support ads. Get unlimited flash access for the best browsing experience with Puffin Web Browser!

Ninesky Browser

Ninesky browser supports cloud bookmarks so you can share with ease bookmarks from a device to another. The application comes with 3 favorite search engines which are: Bing, Yahoo and Google. Ninesky browser comes with eight speed dials and two of them are already predefined as Facebook an Youtube. You can also use this web browser to download images or files.

XScope Web Browser

XScope looks very similar with the Android version of Chrome browser. It supports zoom in and zoom out, which can be very handy if you browse webpage that are made to be loaded on a desktop device. Once you scroll down a webpage you will notice that the toolbar will disappear, allowing you to see the web page more clearly. When you scroll back to the upper side, you will notice that the bar will appear once again, allowing you to type a new web page address that you want to visit.

One Browser

The new engine that the One Browser comes with increases the overall browsing speed by up to 47%. In addition, this browser will offer you the fastest download speed and comes with an effective file manage system. It also compresses and optimizes pictures from website, saving around 85% of data traffic.